Blogmas - Day Eighteen Razzle Dazzle Review

There is nothing more Christmassy then a bright pink bath and a glass of wine, cue Lush's Razzle Dazzle. For only £2 this bath melt is perfect for anyone wanting a simple yet very girly. It's from the bath melt range so you need to just pop it into the bath but it won't fizz away right away instead it slowly melts away into the bath.

The scent is very much a perfume toned scent which is quite different to the soapy scents Lush bring out, the main tones are raspberry and lime which makes it a very fresh scent. It is also jam packed with four oils which makes it very beneficial for the skin, it left me with super soft skin which I felt working from the moment I got in the bath.

The water goes a very nice pink shade which is perfect for anyone who loves anything girly or pink, even though the product is quite small it fills the bath nicely. I loved using this product and would happily buy another one, fingers crossed it becomes a full time product!

Have you brought anything from Lush recently that really wowed you?

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