Blogmas - Day Twenty Five MakeUp Revolution Calendar

Merry Christmas! Welcome to the last day of Blogmas I hope you have enjoyed this past month on my blog, today is my last post for a short while until Friday 1st January as I am going to take a short break to enjoy time with family. Today I have a review of the Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar which has been amazing!

Blogmas - Day Twenty Four #BloggersSecretSanta

This year I joined in with two secret santa swaps and was delighted to see my second parcel had arrived so I could go through and take a peak. I had the lovely Amy who picked out some great items for me!

I got my very first bottle of perfume from The Library Of Fragrance in the scent Thunderstorm which is a very subtle sweet scent which makes a great everyday scent to go for. I've been meaning to pick up a bottle of fragrance from the range but never know which one to go for!

Blogmas - Day Twenty Three Tanya Burr Advent Calendar

The 12 days of Christmas advent calendar by Tanya Burr has been pretty good! I opened the last few days early so I could get a blog post up and do a review. The items in the calendar are all limited edition and are perfect for Christmas.

Blogmas - Day Twenty Two How To Survive Christmas In Retail

I've been working in retail for 7 years so I have a lot of experience when it comes to Christmas in retail, I have picked up a few tricks on how to survive and not loose your cool over the month off December in retail.

Rude customers are always going to be a problem but the approach I have is to be as kind and happy as much as possible, it winds them up but you won't look like the bad person and they won't be able to put in any complaints. Approach them with a smile and don't response to negativity, instead ask how can you help and act like you actually want to help them and not tell them to do one.

If you do need to step out the store for five minutes to cool down then do, just explain to your manager you need to take 5 and then go sit in a cool room for a few moments. I always do my breathing exercises and count to ten before stepping out with a big smile prepared for the next moment of panic.

Have a laugh and chat with your colleagues, this will lighten the mood for everyone but also allow everyone to feel happy to come to work. I always find the term 'leave your problems at the door' a great one to practice in retail, as everyone will be stressed enough to deal with added problems on top. If you need to chat with another member of staff arrange to meet out of work or give them a call instead.

If it all gets to much of course remember that Thorntons has some great offers on chocolate this time of year and there's always a bottle of wine with your name on it!

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Blogmas - Day Twenty One VCSecretSanta

This year I've taken part in a secret santa which was the Vanilla Crush swap which was a £15 swap. I had Maisie doing my secret santa and she picked a great selection of goodies for me!

Blogmas - Day Nineteen Festive Biscuits

I love to do a bit of baking and Christmas is the perfect time to get my bake on! This is my recipe for the perfect biscuits and even though it may not seem the normal recipe it works amazingly and the biscuits taste great.

4oz Butter / 110g
2oz Sugar / 60g
Vanilla Essence - a small drop
6oz Flour / 170g

Blogmas - Day Eighteen Razzle Dazzle Review

There is nothing more Christmassy then a bright pink bath and a glass of wine, cue Lush's Razzle Dazzle. For only £2 this bath melt is perfect for anyone wanting a simple yet very girly. It's from the bath melt range so you need to just pop it into the bath but it won't fizz away right away instead it slowly melts away into the bath.

The scent is very much a perfume toned scent which is quite different to the soapy scents Lush bring out, the main tones are raspberry and lime which makes it a very fresh scent. It is also jam packed with four oils which makes it very beneficial for the skin, it left me with super soft skin which I felt working from the moment I got in the bath.

The water goes a very nice pink shade which is perfect for anyone who loves anything girly or pink, even though the product is quite small it fills the bath nicely. I loved using this product and would happily buy another one, fingers crossed it becomes a full time product!

Have you brought anything from Lush recently that really wowed you?

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Blogmas - Day Seventeen Christmas Tree

For this years theme we have gone with a fake tree and silver decorations, my mum always puts our tree up and decorates it when we are all out so it's always a nice surprise when we get home. All the decorations we have either brought it bulk so I pack of eight baubles or we have brought on there own when we see them in store for example this cute little dragonfly tree topper instead of the more traditional fairy!

The tree we have had for around three years now and it's still going strong with its added glitter and pine cones it makes it a bit more festive then your normal green tree. Instead of a fairy we always place something odd on top of the tree so we have gone with a very festive silver glittery dragonfly which I think suits the tree perfectly.

Some of the tree decorations are homemade such as the little owl which was a gift to myself which I loved making, I also love the dashing reindeer's which add a little sparkle to the already overly glittery tree, but my all time favorite decorations is the chocolates which don't stay on the tree for to long!

Do you have your tree up yet? Which do you prefer a real tree or fake one?

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Blogmas - Day Sixteen Lush Haul

I haven't been to Lush for ages and went in to take a peak at there new Christmas range, I wasn't blown away with the product they had in store and as it was very busy I only picked up three new items but I can't wait to try them out and review them for you.

Razzle Dazzle
I'm yet to try out any of the Luxury Bath Melts but Razzle Dazzle looked to good to not pick up, this little pink ball looks rather small and not powerful but I've heard it works wonders on the skin. The scent is raspberry with hints of citrus so it's right up my street. At only £2 it's worth picking one up!

Big Bang
I was attracted to this bubble bar straight away with it's bright colours and the name Big Bang I had to pick one up, at just £3.75 it's a great product to go for. It's my favorite scent of citrus so it's a win win with this product and I can't wait to try it out.

Star Dust
Lastly I picked up a bath bomb in the shape of a lovely star and for £2.95 it's a perfect bath bomb to go for. It has a very sweet scent to it and is quite a chunky bath bomb, I can't wait to review it for you and hopefully it will be quite impressive!

Have you been wowed by any Lush products this Christmas?

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Blogmas Day Seven - Birmingham Christmas Market

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Christmas Market over in Birmingham, it's one of the best I've been to and I always try to go each year. It's a market that goes throughout the city starting at the Bullring going right the way up to the Victoria Square and has over 180 stalls.

Blogmas - Day Six The Perfect Christmas Hat

I love seeing the traditional red Christmas hat but this year I wanted to go for something a little different so when I spotted the perfect hat in Mountain Warehouse I had to pick one up. At only £9.99 it was a great buy but also being in a buy one get one free offer made it even better.

Blogmas - Day Five Wrapping Paper

This year I wanted to go with a theme for my wrapping paper so I picked out a nice candy cane themed paper from Wilkinsons, it was on offer at £2 each or three rolls for £4 which I thought was a great offer.

Blogmas - Day Four Christmas Cards

For my cards this year I went into my local Clintons and had a look at there sets of cards in the multi-packs, I picked up two packs and got a great deal. Each pack was £2.99 but it was part of a buy one get one half price so I got 30 cards for £4.50 which is a great bargain!

First up I have an adorable Robin card which is a cut out so not your normal square card, I thought this was really cute and would suit the children in my family but also anyone who likes cute items. I also got a rather happy Snowman in the same pack which again is a cut out making it that little bit more creative over the festive month.

Blogmas - Day Three Festive Lips

For me I love to do a red lip over the festive period as I feel it would look great to either match a daring outfit or add some colour to a dark outfit. I've selected three that are perfect for this time of year.

Blogmas - Day Two Festive Pink Nails

Pink is not the most reached for nail shade but I find it perfect for Christmas and the festive period so wanted to share with you my festive pink nails that look very glamorous! I love to glam up an outfit for festive parties and also feel like a coat of nail varnish can make an outfit look complete so here is my festive pink nail post!

Blogmas Day One

Yes you heard right I'm doing Blogmas again! I did Blogmas around two years ago and even though it was a struggle I loved looking through everyone's posts and writing mine, so I've decided to do it all over again.