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Autumn has been my favorite month since my childhood so I always end up with a lot of products and items that I've been loving, so I thought it was only natural to do an October Favorites and share with everyone my Autumn favorites. I always go for comfort in the colder months so a lot of the things I'm going to share are home comforts with a few beauty items.

I have been burning so many candles this last month that I might have to go candle shopping spree soon, from Yankee Candles to large glass jar candles there is always one burning in my room. The main scent I've been burning has been berries and citrus scents with the odd rich toned candle in the mix, I've been going for the brand Yankee Candles as I find there small sample candles to be cheap enough to burn at free will but also the scent fills the room with such heavenly scents.

I love a good cosy jumper and recently I've added a few to my collection which I've been loving included a cream and blue stripe one that I've been living in as it's such a thick and cosy jumper. I've also been loving my burgundy long jumper for when it's been really cold, I've had it for a while now but always go back to it as a nice comfort jumper.

Hot Chocolates 
There is nothing nicer then feeling all cold then having a hot drink, as I don't drink tea or coffee I always opt for a hot chocolate and love having flavored once such as orange and mint. I tend to go to Thorntons Cafe or Starbucks to get there festive drinks but this last month I've been making my own and adding in sprinkled chocolate or dipping in my own chocolate to make it taste amazing.

Make Up
I've been loving my Collection Bronze and Highlight kit as this last month I've had my hair tied back for work so my face has been on show quite a lot so I've been doing some contouring to make it look more sculpted. I've also been using my Kat Von D lipstick a lot as it's the perfect nude tone lipstick to wear in the colder days, it lasts all day and looks great on. Lastly I've been using my orange toned blusher a lot from Sleek called 'Life's A Peach' as it's the perfect autumn shade to pull of in the winter months.

Scary Films
I'm not sure what it is about October that makes me want to scare myself silly with scary films but I've been over watching my Halloween box set and also been re watching the Paranormal Activity series ready for the dvd release of the new one. I'm a massive lover of anything horror and snuggled in a jumper with a hot chocolate and a candle burning in the background is the best way to watch anything scary.

So that's it for my favorites, let me know what you have been loving this last few weeks in the comments below!

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