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When winter arrives a whole loads of sickness bugs and colds also arrive making it hard to function and get through the day, so today I wanted to share with you some simple home tricks I do to makes me feel better and get back to my normal self.

When I have a cold I always reach for my Day and Night Nurse tablets which work perfectly at treating my colds and I've even used them to treat a flu. The tablets are simple to use and work straight away at keeping me cold free, as well as helping me sleep at night. A little trick is to always have a packet at home as you never know when a cold will strike so it's always best to have a packet at home in case you can't make it to town to buy a new pack.

I always seem to get very sore eyes when I'm ill so I am always reaching for my Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops to help tired eyes. I'm not sure why I get such sore and tired eyes but these drops help me out so much as getting them back to there normal self and not so sore. To use you just drop one or two drops into the eye, a little tip is to buy the drops and not the overpriced sprays as they both work just as well and the price difference is rather large!

If you don't feel 100% and still won't a pamper I have to great products that work wonders for when I want a pamper. I start with a Simple Cleansing Facial Wipe to remove any make up or dirt on my skin, it also refreshes the skin which is always nice when your ill. I then place a 24hr Soothing and Re-hydrating Face Mask on, as I can just place it on and forget it there to work it's magic. This little routine is so simply that it won't make you feel sick or ill but really refreshes and hydrate the skin back to being it's normal self.

Lastly I always feel a good hot drink works wonders when I'm feeling ill, I tend to reach for my Clippers Hot Chocolate which leaves me feeling cozy and loved without doing to much work or stressing out! This hot chocolate is fairtrade and contains natural ingredients, it's very simple to make and with it being a instant hot chocolate only takes around 4 minutes to make.

Hopefully some of these products and tips will help you out if you get a nasty winter sickness bug or cold, if you have any tips leave them below in the comments! I also filmed a Youtube video with all these tips in if you fancy taking a look.

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