Clipper Hot Chocolate Review

It's that time of the year when the hot drinks are in full flow and all the big brands come out with there new and refreshed winter themed drinks, as a none tea or coffee drinker my go to hot drink is hot chocolate but as I'm never free or don't have the time to go in store and buy hot drinks I have to find an alternative at home drink. Cue Clipper Hot Chocolate my new all time favorite hot chocolate drink!

Clipper is a natural, fair trade brand that have a great range of hot drinks from tea, coffee to infusions, there all natural and fair trade but taste so good. I went with a hot chocolate as I know it's what I'll drink the most but it was hard to resist there teas such as there White Tea with Orange or Zesty Lemon.

The packaging is eye catching with a 350g tube with a simple black lid the detailing is that makes the packaging so special. The large cup of hot chocolate with all the right kind of words really draws the eye to the product and makes you want to pick it up, I found it to be simple yet creative which is what I love the best.

To make the hot chocolate you need to simply add 3-4 spoons of cocoa, a small amount of cold water to mix it into a paste, before adding hot water to create the hot chocolate. A simple yet perfect way to create a hot chocolate, I think it's the cold water paste that makes it so rich and velvety. I found it so easy to make yet drinking it was even easier.

I love this brand and I'm so happy I discovered it at my local Sainsbury's for just £2, it's a great hot chocolate to go for and there range is just perfect for any hot drink lover. Have you tried out the brand yet, what were your thoughts on the drinks?

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  1. This sounds lovely, I haven't tried much from Clipper before so will look out for this x