Beauty - Sephora Sheet Mask Review

My recent trip to New York saw me exploring the aisles of Sephora and one of the products I was after was there sheet masks. I had heard such good reviews about them that I wanted to see what the hype was and try them out for myself, I picked up a Rose one as well as a Lingzhi one both were $6.

The packaging is a big selling point as there so unique and different that they really stand out, the packaging on the outside is a large circle were the mask itself is a large semi circle. It's a novelty product and having some thing cute and girly in my collection really appeals to me.

The scent of the product was rather subtle but sweet, the rose one is rather odd as I'm still not sure if I liked the scent or not but the lingzhi one was a lot sweeter and even though it was a subtle scent I preferred it a little more to the honey one.

Once I had unwrapped the mask which was quite tricky to do I place it onto my face and noticed right away how soothing and nice it was on the skin. I loved how it felt not to heavy like some masks and how it made my skin felt pampered and nourished from the moment it was applied to my skin. The mask is quite large so fits nicely onto the face but also has an added detail of the Sephora logo throughout the mask which makes it that bit more personalised and special which I liked.

I loved using this mask and can only hope they bring the brand over to the UK so I can get my hands on some more, what face masks have you been loving this year?

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