Beauty - Barry M Genie Lipstick Review

I was introduce to a new lipstick by my sisters around two weeks ago and was very much intrigued by it, the shade of the lipstick is bright green and the name is Genie so I was attracted to the lipstick from the word go. The lipstick is from the loved Barry M range so I was excited to see what I was getting myself into, Barry M is a range I always reach for when I'm looking for new lipsticks or nail varnishes.

The packaging is very bright and out there with a bright pink top and bright green bottom with a simple black band and simple black writing it's an odd one but very eye catching. The shade of the lipstick is a darker version of the green shade in the packaging so it's a very bright lipstick to get out when out and about.

The lipstick goes on nicely and doesn't cling to any cracked lips while feeling glossy and nourishing, it's lasts all day and doesn't need to me reapply to much throughout the day. It does however stain the lips pretty badly and does need a lot of exfoliating to remove which is rather annoying.

So to the good stuff! The lipstick isn't actually a bright green one but it goes to the shade of lipstick you should be going for when buying. So for me it goes a dark rose shade but for my sister is goes a light nude looking shade which impressed me a lot. It seems to get the right tone of lipstick within a few moments and really looks impressive, I love getting the lipstick out and showing people how it works.

Have you tried out the Genie lipstick yet? What did you make of it?

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