So Long New York

My last post on what I did in New York! I hope you liked my little posts and I shall be doing a more in depth review over on my travel blog, if you want to take a look then click here .

9/11 Memorial 
On my last day I went to the 9/11 memorial which was a mix bag of emotions but a really nice place to go, I was 11 when it all happened and I still remember it on the news so it was all very odd seeing the pictures and visiting the memorial but it was something I wanted to do.

Rockefeller Centre 
I wanted to go to the Rockefeller centre for one reason and that was to see the Top Of The Rock but the view wasn't very clear due to the fog however it was a lovely last place to visit before my journey home!

Going home was a little more stress free and the airport departures is a little more organised and a little better then arrivals, however I would not advise using JFK airport. That's it for my post's on New York I hope you enjoyed!

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