New York, New York!

Wowee what a week it has been, from staying up 24 hours and then walking around central park till my feet bled and then staying up enough 24 hours and sleeping for 12. But to not fear as I'm back and jet lag free I wanted to type up my post on all things New York. Starting from day one till the last day this series will be split into 4 blog posts so I can tell you as much as possible without over doing it and writing a monster of a blog post, so instead enjoy a 4 part diary like entry instead starting with day one and travelling and finishing with day two and getting lost in central park.

All The Emotions
Getting up late and getting ready to go to London Gatwick was so exciting and I was a little excited ball of a mess by the time I reached the airport. Checking in was stress free and going through the duty free was a dream, almost buying the whole of MAC was tempting but instead I went through to get some food and magazines instead. Finally boarding the plane happened and then it was time for take off however we just sat there and sat there and sat some more before after two hours we finally took off, so after staying awake the whole flight to fight of jet lag when I got there I finally arrived in JFK Airport to chaos. They have no idea what there doing over there and the security is awful, I'm not one to moan but JFK airport need to buck there ideas up or they are going to be in serious trouble!

However I arrived at my hostel and check in a 2am! and finally got some sleep, my hostel was a basic yet good one with a single room and shared toilet it was affordable and basic but good. After around 6 hours of sleep it was finally time for day two of New York!

Walking and Walking Some More
I made it to central park after a two block walk and decided to explore and of course I got lost, however in the park it's so peaceful and there's so much going on I didn't mind. From scary squirrels who won't go away to so many play parks you can't get board - if your a kid of course, then finding a random street cart selling food to coming across a castle, you must visit central park!

I then hobbled of to the Museum of Modern Art and spent ages looking around and taking in the wonderful paintings while stopping of finally for some lunch and tucking in to some New York grub of a hot dog outside the museum. Before I stuck my hand out and jumped into a taxi all the way back to my hostel, it was fun and easy to do while making me feel safe with his knowledge of New York you must at least once yet a taxi or cab in New York.

So that's part one look out for part two on Monday!

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