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I've always been very open about being Pagan and following the Wiccan religion but I've never really done a blog post on the subject and wanted to share one with you today. Samhain is one of my favorite Sabbats (a festival ) which is also know as Halloween or All Hallows Eve, the reason being this is because I've always love Autumn but also love the paranormal side of things. Samhain is the end of harvest and also a festival to celebrate the dead, since I was a child I've been able to sense and know when someone not living is in the room so when I heard about celebrating the death of someone I was drawn to the sabbat almost straight away.

What most people don't know is that Halloween is actually on the 1st of November but most people celebrate on the eve off the 31st October through till the 1st November. Another thing most people don't know is a tradition behind pumpkins, to carve and light a pumpkin and then display it is lighting the way for the dead to come into your home (sorry for anyone who's already got there's out!) but by carving a scary face you scare away any mean spirits and only invite the nice ones in!

So what does Halloween mean to me? Well for me it's a way to express myself without looking crazy I can dress in the Samhain colours of Black and Orange and people will think I've just dressed up, I can invite spirits into my home with a carved pumpkin and people will think I've just carved a pumpkin,  I'm able to celebrate people's deaths without anyone questioning what I'm doing.

For some people reading this they will be questioning my sanity by now and for others they will be understanding a little bit more about Halloween which is what I wanted to share today. I'm guessing there will be questions so please let me know your worries and woes!

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This is just my account of the Pagan belief and some people may not share the same view which I understand, I may be wrong about a few things but this is how I've learnt about Halloween and I appreciate the criticism but please don't be mean! 

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