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One of my favorite bands is Years and Years so when I found out about there tour I had to go and booked tickets using there presale ticket system - sign up to there website and get tickets 2 days before there released to the public. This meant I got tickets before the mad rush and they sold out, the gig was in the 02 Academy in Birmingham so it was a standing gig.

The gig was packed and as I'm not a fan off crowds I had to stand at the back as my anxiety was on edge the moment I walked into the room. I stood in the middle at the back so had a great view of the stage and was able to panic at my own free will without anyone judging me. I had a drink to calm my nerves (over £5 for a vodka and coke though!!) but once the two supports acts had come on and warmed the crowd up my nerves calmed as I knew it was Years and Years time to come on stage.

There music is very much pop electric and when they sing live they sound very much pop with there drummer and backing singers. But the show was fantastic and even though you could tell Olly was scared they put on a great show, it was the opening night of there tour so Olly was bound to be scared. They performed a great set and left the stage with everyone on a high, however one thing was missing they hadn't sung there classic song 'King' so as the crowd cheered them back we were treated to there song that threw them into the limelight!

I had a great night and even with my anxiety and nerves I was able to get through the gig and sing my heart out to there songs!

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