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I'm a massive lover of scarves and wear them for most of the Autumn and Winter months so for today's post I'll be sharing my collection with you, some are old and some are new but I only have a small collection of well loved ones from high street stores such as New Look and Primark.

Autumn Scarves
For Autumn I tend to wear the thin type of scarves which add some detail to an outfit and are there to layer instead of adding warmth. I have four in total and each one is quite different to the other so I have a really nice collection that I'm proud of. My most worn is my burgundy skull scarf from H&M which I've had for around two years and it's still in fantastic condition, I wear this one the most as it partners with outfits so well. My blue polka dot one is from La Redoute and I wear this one when I have a really plain outfit I need to dress up, it's extremely thin so suits some summer outfits as well, it's also quite small so can be added to bags if needed. Next up is my royal blue scarf from Monsoon which I adore the fabric is so thick and heavy and it feels so soft, this one is when I'm feeling daring as it's such a bright colour but it goes well with outfits. Lastly is my plain black Primark scarf which is well loved and on it's last legs but I love to wear it to darken a bright autumn outfit as well as use it to add some style to an outfit for going out.

Winter Scarves
I only have three winter scarves two are very similar and both from Primark and I brought them last year in Edinburgh. There both a blue wool materiel and the difference is one is a snood and one a scarf but I love them both as they add that small bit of comfort and bit of warmth. Lastly for my winter scarves is my tartan wool scarf again from Primark but one I love, if I'm having a dark clothing day and need to add some colour to my outfit this scarf is perfect as it's nice warm colours make any outfit look good.

What scarf do you reach for over the AW months?

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