Beauty - Lavender Sheet Mask by Forever 21

After my trip to New York I had enough masks to start my own company but one of the first ones I tried out was the Lavender Sheet Mask for oily skin as I wanted to see if it works as well as the high end brands. The mask is from Forever 21 which is a teen to mid twenty's store that I only know of one in the UK so hardly ever shop there, but when I go abroad I always like to explore there store.

The mask is rather hard to apply to the skin as it comes folded in the bag with a lot of liquid in so it's quite tricky to get it out and onto the skin without getting in a flap. But once out and applied to the skin I was happy to see the mask stick to my skin and stay put which I was worried about, it at first feels cold and unnatural but after a while starts to feel good and relaxing.

I had it on my skin for 15 minutes before I easily peeled it off and then rubbed it any left over mask into my skin, this was really easy to do and I was still able to relax while doing this. My skin after however didn't really wow me or have any difference so even though this mask is really good for relaxing I don't really see any health benefits from it.

Overall the mask is a really great relaxing one to use and it fun to use as well so it would be great for a sleepover or get together with friends however I don't see the health benefits from it so probably wouldn't reach for another one, how do you rate the Forever 21 masks?

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