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Shading my eyebrows has been a daily routine for me since my teens, so buying the right pencil or eye brow product is always high on my priority list when purchasing make up. I have naturally light hair and over the years it has darken to an ash brown however my eyebrows have stayed the same light blonde I had as a child, so I have to shade in my brows to get the right look and one to match my hair.

My pencil from Soap and Glory finally ran out after around 6 months of use and even though I loved it the price wasn't right for me, so after browsing a few brands I found myself looking at the Barry M section. I went for a product that really drew me in with it's design and shade selection which happened to be Brow Wow! a simple pencil with an added brush.

The shade I picked up was light to medium and I would suggest this even if you have dark hair as the shade is very dark for a light to medium. It blends really well and with simple light brush strokes I'm able to build up a great cover onto my eyebrows that looks and matches my hair really well.

The brush when used right works really well to blend in the product and when used at the right angle it works really well. However at the wrong angle the brush can really like it's scratching and almost be painful, it also collects a lot of make up and needs daily cleaning.

Overall this eye brow pencil at just £3.99 is the perfect purse friendly product that creates nicely shaped brows that last all day. What's your go to brow product?

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