A Trip To The Bronx and Did That Dinosaur Move!

Part two of my New York series! Starts with Bronx Zoo and Ends with Natural History Museum!

Let's Go To The Zoo
On my second day in New York I opted to go to the Zoo and spent my day in the Bronx, it's easy to navigate and get there as well as being easy to spend the whole day there. There is loads to see and do and on Wednesday it's free meaning the all access pass cost's only $14 instead of $34 so I went for the all access pass and was able to go to a Rio production, the butterfly zoo and much more! The animals all look so looked after and the zoo is clean, however they do let to many people in and it gets so crowded.

I Swear People Only Go Here Because Of The Film
So I started day three in the Museum of Natural History and it was so busy here with people all rushing for the dinosaur which if I'm honest don't hate me - there's a better one in the free Oxford museum! However it was fun mooching around and seeing all the things from the film Night At The Museum so it wasn't that much of a let down. In the afternoon I went to the shops and explore a little but it was so bit and there was so much to see and do it was all a blur, not the spending $50 in Sephora bit though!

Stay tuned for part three and my New York Series coming up on Wednesday!

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