Lifestyle - What Halloween Means To Me

I've always been very open about being Pagan and following the Wiccan religion but I've never really done a blog post on the subject and wanted to share one with you today. Samhain is one of my favorite Sabbats (a festival ) which is also know as Halloween or All Hallows Eve, the reason being this is because I've always love Autumn but also love the paranormal side of things. Samhain is the end of harvest and also a festival to celebrate the dead, since I was a child I've been able to sense and know when someone not living is in the room so when I heard about celebrating the death of someone I was drawn to the sabbat almost straight away.

Beauty - E.L.F Blush Palette Light

I'm a massive lover of all E.L.F products with it being in my top 5 beauty brands I always reach for so whilst I was in New York I checked out there products in the TJMaxx store coming away with a lipstick and a lovely blush palette.

The packaging is the one thing that draws me to the brand as it's always so sleek and effortless that it's eye catching while being good enough to display. It's a simply black palette with the even simpler white wording off what the item is and the e.l.f logo, which I love.

Beauty - Lavender Sheet Mask by Forever 21

After my trip to New York I had enough masks to start my own company but one of the first ones I tried out was the Lavender Sheet Mask for oily skin as I wanted to see if it works as well as the high end brands. The mask is from Forever 21 which is a teen to mid twenty's store that I only know of one in the UK so hardly ever shop there, but when I go abroad I always like to explore there store.

The mask is rather hard to apply to the skin as it comes folded in the bag with a lot of liquid in so it's quite tricky to get it out and onto the skin without getting in a flap. But once out and applied to the skin I was happy to see the mask stick to my skin and stay put which I was worried about, it at first feels cold and unnatural but after a while starts to feel good and relaxing.

Lifestyle - It's All About Years and Years

One of my favorite bands is Years and Years so when I found out about there tour I had to go and booked tickets using there presale ticket system - sign up to there website and get tickets 2 days before there released to the public. This meant I got tickets before the mad rush and they sold out, the gig was in the 02 Academy in Birmingham so it was a standing gig.

The gig was packed and as I'm not a fan off crowds I had to stand at the back as my anxiety was on edge the moment I walked into the room. I stood in the middle at the back so had a great view of the stage and was able to panic at my own free will without anyone judging me. I had a drink to calm my nerves (over £5 for a vodka and coke though!!) but once the two supports acts had come on and warmed the crowd up my nerves calmed as I knew it was Years and Years time to come on stage.

There music is very much pop electric and when they sing live they sound very much pop with there drummer and backing singers. But the show was fantastic and even though you could tell Olly was scared they put on a great show, it was the opening night of there tour so Olly was bound to be scared. They performed a great set and left the stage with everyone on a high, however one thing was missing they hadn't sung there classic song 'King' so as the crowd cheered them back we were treated to there song that threw them into the limelight!

I had a great night and even with my anxiety and nerves I was able to get through the gig and sing my heart out to there songs!

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Beauty - E.L.F Coral Cutie Lipstick

While I was in New York I went into there TJMaxx to have a look at there beauty items and to my pleasure they had a whole stand of E.L.F products. Even though I know they are available in the UK I couldn't stop myself going and looking through the selection and picking out one of two things.

Beauty - Kat Von D La Femme Lipstick

I have been a lover of Kat Von D since my teens with my biggest wish being to get a tattoo designed and created by her and my second biggest wish to own make up from her range. Sephora have only just brought her range over to Europe but as I was in New York a few weeks ago I went straight over the her stand and began to mooch through. I wanted to buy the whole range there and then but it's quite an expensive one to go for even more expensive then MAC so I opted for a lipstick!

I went for LA Femme a very girly shade of coral pink which is bang on trend for this autumn and winter but I could easily see myself wearing this shade all year round. The lipstick is creamy and glides onto the lips without any effort and blends so nicely to a build able coverage meaning you can go a subtle coral shade of pink or a deep dark rich coral pink easily.

Beauty - Barry M Brow Wow!

Shading my eyebrows has been a daily routine for me since my teens, so buying the right pencil or eye brow product is always high on my priority list when purchasing make up. I have naturally light hair and over the years it has darken to an ash brown however my eyebrows have stayed the same light blonde I had as a child, so I have to shade in my brows to get the right look and one to match my hair.

My pencil from Soap and Glory finally ran out after around 6 months of use and even though I loved it the price wasn't right for me, so after browsing a few brands I found myself looking at the Barry M section. I went for a product that really drew me in with it's design and shade selection which happened to be Brow Wow! a simple pencil with an added brush.

Fashion - AW15 Scarves Collection

I'm a massive lover of scarves and wear them for most of the Autumn and Winter months so for today's post I'll be sharing my collection with you, some are old and some are new but I only have a small collection of well loved ones from high street stores such as New Look and Primark.

Autumn Scarves
For Autumn I tend to wear the thin type of scarves which add some detail to an outfit and are there to layer instead of adding warmth. I have four in total and each one is quite different to the other so I have a really nice collection that I'm proud of. My most worn is my burgundy skull scarf from H&M which I've had for around two years and it's still in fantastic condition, I wear this one the most as it partners with outfits so well. My blue polka dot one is from La Redoute and I wear this one when I have a really plain outfit I need to dress up, it's extremely thin so suits some summer outfits as well, it's also quite small so can be added to bags if needed. Next up is my royal blue scarf from Monsoon which I adore the fabric is so thick and heavy and it feels so soft, this one is when I'm feeling daring as it's such a bright colour but it goes well with outfits. Lastly is my plain black Primark scarf which is well loved and on it's last legs but I love to wear it to darken a bright autumn outfit as well as use it to add some style to an outfit for going out.

Winter Scarves
I only have three winter scarves two are very similar and both from Primark and I brought them last year in Edinburgh. There both a blue wool materiel and the difference is one is a snood and one a scarf but I love them both as they add that small bit of comfort and bit of warmth. Lastly for my winter scarves is my tartan wool scarf again from Primark but one I love, if I'm having a dark clothing day and need to add some colour to my outfit this scarf is perfect as it's nice warm colours make any outfit look good.

What scarf do you reach for over the AW months?

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So Long New York

My last post on what I did in New York! I hope you liked my little posts and I shall be doing a more in depth review over on my travel blog, if you want to take a look then click here .

9/11 Memorial 
On my last day I went to the 9/11 memorial which was a mix bag of emotions but a really nice place to go, I was 11 when it all happened and I still remember it on the news so it was all very odd seeing the pictures and visiting the memorial but it was something I wanted to do.

Rockefeller Centre 
I wanted to go to the Rockefeller centre for one reason and that was to see the Top Of The Rock but the view wasn't very clear due to the fog however it was a lovely last place to visit before my journey home!

Going home was a little more stress free and the airport departures is a little more organised and a little better then arrivals, however I would not advise using JFK airport. That's it for my post's on New York I hope you enjoyed!

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Downtown, Where All The People Are Broke!

Day five and six bring me to Downtown and my last full day which I spent shopping, I go on a boat and get very burnt and also try to find the FAO Schwarz shop but find out it's gone!

Staten Island? Maybe Not..
My plan for day five was to go to Staten Island and get the ferry out to the immigration museum but I ended up on the wrong boat and only got a good view off the Statue Of Liberty and the city before getting off, it was a brilliant view though even if I did get so burnt I could hardly move. My afternoon brought me to Chinatown and a cat cafe called Meow Parlour which was so much fun, I got to play with cats and have some tea which made my day!

Shop Till You Drop
My last full day I promised myself I would go shopping so I did! However I was a little upset FAO Schwarz was gone but Toys R Us is just as good. I also went to Times Square and Duffy Square for some great photos, before heading over the Madame Tussaud's for some fun, it's really worth going as the wax works look really realistic.

Check back on Friday for the last post for day 7 and flying back!

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A Trip To The Bronx and Did That Dinosaur Move!

Part two of my New York series! Starts with Bronx Zoo and Ends with Natural History Museum!

Let's Go To The Zoo
On my second day in New York I opted to go to the Zoo and spent my day in the Bronx, it's easy to navigate and get there as well as being easy to spend the whole day there. There is loads to see and do and on Wednesday it's free meaning the all access pass cost's only $14 instead of $34 so I went for the all access pass and was able to go to a Rio production, the butterfly zoo and much more! The animals all look so looked after and the zoo is clean, however they do let to many people in and it gets so crowded.

I Swear People Only Go Here Because Of The Film
So I started day three in the Museum of Natural History and it was so busy here with people all rushing for the dinosaur which if I'm honest don't hate me - there's a better one in the free Oxford museum! However it was fun mooching around and seeing all the things from the film Night At The Museum so it wasn't that much of a let down. In the afternoon I went to the shops and explore a little but it was so bit and there was so much to see and do it was all a blur, not the spending $50 in Sephora bit though!

Stay tuned for part three and my New York Series coming up on Wednesday!

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New York, New York!

Wowee what a week it has been, from staying up 24 hours and then walking around central park till my feet bled and then staying up enough 24 hours and sleeping for 12. But to not fear as I'm back and jet lag free I wanted to type up my post on all things New York. Starting from day one till the last day this series will be split into 4 blog posts so I can tell you as much as possible without over doing it and writing a monster of a blog post, so instead enjoy a 4 part diary like entry instead starting with day one and travelling and finishing with day two and getting lost in central park.

All The Emotions
Getting up late and getting ready to go to London Gatwick was so exciting and I was a little excited ball of a mess by the time I reached the airport. Checking in was stress free and going through the duty free was a dream, almost buying the whole of MAC was tempting but instead I went through to get some food and magazines instead. Finally boarding the plane happened and then it was time for take off however we just sat there and sat there and sat some more before after two hours we finally took off, so after staying awake the whole flight to fight of jet lag when I got there I finally arrived in JFK Airport to chaos. They have no idea what there doing over there and the security is awful, I'm not one to moan but JFK airport need to buck there ideas up or they are going to be in serious trouble!

However I arrived at my hostel and check in a 2am! and finally got some sleep, my hostel was a basic yet good one with a single room and shared toilet it was affordable and basic but good. After around 6 hours of sleep it was finally time for day two of New York!

Walking and Walking Some More
I made it to central park after a two block walk and decided to explore and of course I got lost, however in the park it's so peaceful and there's so much going on I didn't mind. From scary squirrels who won't go away to so many play parks you can't get board - if your a kid of course, then finding a random street cart selling food to coming across a castle, you must visit central park!

I then hobbled of to the Museum of Modern Art and spent ages looking around and taking in the wonderful paintings while stopping of finally for some lunch and tucking in to some New York grub of a hot dog outside the museum. Before I stuck my hand out and jumped into a taxi all the way back to my hostel, it was fun and easy to do while making me feel safe with his knowledge of New York you must at least once yet a taxi or cab in New York.

So that's part one look out for part two on Monday!

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