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It's just two more days until I'm on a plane to New York! So this will be my last post for around a week and an a half so I can get sorted and write up the best post for you. Today I wanted to share my travel outfit and also share my travel bag with you as I love this style of blog posts so wanted to do my own for my blog.

My outfit is basically a comfort outfit as my anxiety is sky high and I want to be as stress free as I possibly can be so I've gone for big baggy and soft clothing. My dress is my Primark large long sleeved grey dress that is massive for me and fits nicely, to go underneath I'm going to be wearing leggings and also popping on some fluffy socks to keep me warm. To go on top of my dress to add some style I've got my skull scarf from H&M as my little comfort blanket as it's quite large and if I get stressed I shall be using it to protect me but to also add some style to the outfit as well as my hat also from H&M this is just a simple beanie to match the scarf. To complete my outfit I have my fake Mary Jane shoes from Primark which are super comfy and also add a nice bit of style to my outfit.

My suitcase is from Argos and I got it around 4 years ago now and still love it, it's still in great condition and fits in loads so I always love to take it when travelling for longer then a weekend. It's a Mr Men design so I can't miss it when it comes off the plane but I also love how it stands out and isn't as simple as other peoples as no one likes to be boring at an airport!

So that's my last post for a while but I shall see you soon with some New York posts!

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