Beauty - T-Zone Nose Pore Stripes

T-Zone is a brand that is high street friendly and purse friendly which creates skin care products at affordable prices. One of those products is there nose pore strips which are designed to grab any blackheads and spot causing bacteria lifting them away to give you clear and spot free skin, at only £1.49 I was pleasantly surprised by the results I saw.

You get 6 strips per box and each are wrapped individually keeping them secure and easy to travel with, they come with clear instructions on the box as well as on each wrapped strip. Once opened they are easy to peel off the backing plastic and it's easy to locate which part your suppose to place onto the nose. I found the product really easy and stress free to use which is always a bonus when trying out a new product.

Once placed onto a wet nose they do feel odd but not uncomfortable and after around 10 minutes it will harden on the nose letting you know it's time to peel it off. The peeling off process can be a bit tricky as it may feel odd and almost hurt, if it hurts a lot apply water and then peel off. I noticed on my first go I got a lot of blackhead and white heads on the strip but after using them the last month you will see the strip getting more clear this will tell you it's working well.

Overall I really enjoy using the brand and the nose pore strips work really well, I can't wait to test out more products from the brand. What's your favorite nose pore strip to use?

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