Beauty - Natural Collection Rose Petal Lipstick

One of the big AW trends this year is nude lips and as I already know I can't pull off a nude lip I decided to go for something as close as possible, so I opted for a rose nude instead from one of my favorite brands Natural Collection.

Natural Collection do affordable products that are not tested on animals and most of there lipstick if not all are perfume free. I always go to this brand if I want a product that I know will be good quality but will also be affordable, the lipstick was only £1.99 and works wonders on my lips.

Rose Petal is from the Moisture Shine range so has a lot of moisture and doesn't dry out the lips so it's an ideal winter lipstick, it also adds a lot of shine to the lips while keeping them soft and nourished. The shade is a nude rose which suits my pale skin tone nicely but stills add enough colour to the lips that you won't look deathly this winter.

The long lasting formulas mean I get around 3 hours wear before I need to reapply and when I do the lipstick doesn't cake over the top of the old coat making it easier to wear when out and about. Overall I love the lipstick and I love the price the fact it's an animal friendly brand makes it that extra special.

What lipstick are you reaching for this AW15?

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