Beauty - Nails Inc Optic Glow Review

My nail varnish collection is slowly going from needing one drawer to needing two but of course when I saw Nails Inc Optic Glow I just had to have one and add it to my collection. It was on offer in Boots when you buy Colgate Max toothpaste you get a pot of Nails Inc paint for just £6.99, who was going to turn that down!

The shade is a very bright bubblegum pink that really suits the summer sun so it will be put away until next summer but it really adds a nice pop of colour to the nails which I really love. It would suit a tanned look really well and would look great for either going out of as an everyday nail shade.

I needed two coats as the first coat was a little streaky and patchy but after two coats it looked really nice and stayed on my nails for ages with a top coat on, it lasted around a week which impressed me a lot. As it was a glow nail varnish it did have that little hint of a nice glow and I feel like this varnish would look great under a lamp that makes the nails glow in the dark.

Overall this bottle of nail varnish from Nails Inc is spot on for anyone wanting a pretty pop of colour that lasts for a long time on the nails, did you take advantage of the Boots offer? If so which pot did you pick up?

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