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All I've seen on people blogs over the last month has been reviews on the Lush bath bomb know as the Experimenter so I was extremely excited to see it at my local store so I could give it a go myself to see what the fuss was about. At £3.95 you get your money worth as the bath bomb is huge so it's well worth the price you pay.

The scent is very sweet and subtle with hints of citrus acid and vanilla it was a nice heavenly scent that lasted in the air for the whole day and on the skin for a good part of the day. I also had a nice shimmery glow to my skin after using the product which I liked as it was a nice reminder on the bath bomb that I had used in the morning.

The colours of the bath bomb were impressive and the four mismatched shades of bright colours didn't really go but it made the bath bomb look impressive which I like. As excepted the water went a grayish dirt shade but with all the colours mixing together I wasn't surprised.

The bath bomb fizzed away very quickly making it hard to catch on camera and enjoy at the same time but it was impressive to see all the different tones of colours mixing together to create swirls of the rainbow. You do however get a small piece of the bath bomb which is from the centre that slowly fizzes and last in the bath for a good 10 minutes before dissolving.

To sum up I can see why this is a well loved and spoke about bath bomb, for the price you pay you can't go wrong. Hopefully it will be staying in the currant line and not being discontinued! What's your go to Lush product?

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