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I have to admit I am a complete newbie to contouring and almost get a worried knot of anxiety in my stomach when it comes to applying bronzer to my face. It seems so unnatural to apply such a dark product onto my pale skin tone but I went for it and purchased my first contouring kit. I went into my local Superdrug and brought one from a brand I know and love Collection at only £4.19 full price but there's always offers on.

The packaging is misleading as you think your only getting a small amount of the product but once opened you can see it fully and actually see that the two square blocks of product fill the packet which I like. I didn't really get the small mirror though as it's so small you can't even do touch ups with it so even though it's a nice touch it wasn't really worth putting a mirror on the product. The simply black small case is sleek and looks great in my make up case and as it's so slimline it fits in really well.

The bronzer works so well against my pale skin tone and I felt it blended nicely with my bronzer brush, it added the right amount of colour to my face that it didn't make me look silly but added a nice sculptured look instead. It was easy to use as there was a diagram on the back of the packaging but also easy to blend and create the right look to my face.

The highlighter however I didn't really see the fuss about it as it didn't do much to my face and perhaps its the brush I'm using but I wasn't really blown away when using it. I do keep trying but I can't seem to get any colour out of it or it doesn't really work that well for me.

This is the perfect little kit for anyone that doesn't know how to contour and wants to learn, as it's purse friendly and has a simply diagram on the back you can't go wrong. What contour kit do you use?

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