Be Back Soon!

It's finally time for me to go on holiday and as I've mentioned on my blog the last month I'm going off to New York for the week! So today's post will be the last until next Wednesday 30th when i'll be back with some New York related posts.

If you fancy checking out my week while in New York I shall be on Instagram and on Twitter, make sure you follow them to see what I'm up to over the next week!

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Travel - NY Travel Outfit and Bag

It's just two more days until I'm on a plane to New York! So this will be my last post for around a week and an a half so I can get sorted and write up the best post for you. Today I wanted to share my travel outfit and also share my travel bag with you as I love this style of blog posts so wanted to do my own for my blog.

My outfit is basically a comfort outfit as my anxiety is sky high and I want to be as stress free as I possibly can be so I've gone for big baggy and soft clothing. My dress is my Primark large long sleeved grey dress that is massive for me and fits nicely, to go underneath I'm going to be wearing leggings and also popping on some fluffy socks to keep me warm. To go on top of my dress to add some style I've got my skull scarf from H&M as my little comfort blanket as it's quite large and if I get stressed I shall be using it to protect me but to also add some style to the outfit as well as my hat also from H&M this is just a simple beanie to match the scarf. To complete my outfit I have my fake Mary Jane shoes from Primark which are super comfy and also add a nice bit of style to my outfit.

My suitcase is from Argos and I got it around 4 years ago now and still love it, it's still in great condition and fits in loads so I always love to take it when travelling for longer then a weekend. It's a Mr Men design so I can't miss it when it comes off the plane but I also love how it stands out and isn't as simple as other peoples as no one likes to be boring at an airport!

So that's my last post for a while but I shall see you soon with some New York posts!

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Beauty - T-Zone Nose Pore Stripes

T-Zone is a brand that is high street friendly and purse friendly which creates skin care products at affordable prices. One of those products is there nose pore strips which are designed to grab any blackheads and spot causing bacteria lifting them away to give you clear and spot free skin, at only £1.49 I was pleasantly surprised by the results I saw.

Beauty - Lush The Experimenter

All I've seen on people blogs over the last month has been reviews on the Lush bath bomb know as the Experimenter so I was extremely excited to see it at my local store so I could give it a go myself to see what the fuss was about. At £3.95 you get your money worth as the bath bomb is huge so it's well worth the price you pay.

Beauty - Collection Contour Kit

I have to admit I am a complete newbie to contouring and almost get a worried knot of anxiety in my stomach when it comes to applying bronzer to my face. It seems so unnatural to apply such a dark product onto my pale skin tone but I went for it and purchased my first contouring kit. I went into my local Superdrug and brought one from a brand I know and love Collection at only £4.19 full price but there's always offers on.

Beauty - Superdrug Make Up Brushes Review

I'm always needing new brushes and as most brands have expensive brushes I'm always on the look out for affordable ones to use. I normally go for Primark but my local store is having a refurb and I needed some ones so I opted for Superdrug's own brand ones and was pleasantly surprised.

At just £2.99 there just as good as the more expensive ones and look great as well, I picked up a bronzer brush and a blusher one to use as a highlighter brush. The design is sleek and looks great in my make up case with a matte black handle that is easy to hold and a cute and simply silver grip the brushes look and feel more high end then high street.

Beauty - What's In My New York Make Up Case

There is only two more weeks until New York and I've finally started to get other things together and one of them being my make up case. My make up is going to be a mix of my everyday and also my going out make up, as I feel I shall be taking a lot of photos and wanting my make up to last all day so I shall be needed a mixture of high street and high end.

The case I'm taking it my Zoella case as it looks really small and fits nicely into my case however it fits loads in and manages to stretch out nicely so everything I need fits in. It's available at Superdrug and comes in three different designs all of which are the same size, however if you want something a little smaller she has just brought out a new range which has a small pencil case style bag in which may suit you.

Beauty - Natural Collection Rose Petal Lipstick

One of the big AW trends this year is nude lips and as I already know I can't pull off a nude lip I decided to go for something as close as possible, so I opted for a rose nude instead from one of my favorite brands Natural Collection.

Beauty - Nails Inc Optic Glow Review

My nail varnish collection is slowly going from needing one drawer to needing two but of course when I saw Nails Inc Optic Glow I just had to have one and add it to my collection. It was on offer in Boots when you buy Colgate Max toothpaste you get a pot of Nails Inc paint for just £6.99, who was going to turn that down!