Skincare - Aloe Soothing Night Cream by The Body Shop

I was given a pot of the best selling Aloe Soothing Night Cream by my mum as she has super sensitive skin and it irritated her, the pot I was given is a tiny 15ml sample one but the cream inside is well worth the review. I can really tell why it's a best seller as it works so well and has such a nice effect on the skin, the sample pot is perfect for travelling and I'll be saving it to place some more of the product in when I purchase the 50ml pot at £13.

The Body Shop is a great brand that sell product that are not tested on animals as well as the cream being alcohol free and having no nasty ingredients in, it's a all round great product for the skin. The cream smells fresh and almost scent free but with a small hint of aloe which is really nice for the skin, it has a light texture and goes onto the skin without leaving it to thick and heavy even for a night cream.

I found the product has a nice soothing effect while soaking in and leaves me feeling like I have just uplifted my skin, while in the morning I always look fresh faced and my skin appears softer which I love. As the product is for sensitive skin I find it doesn't feel to harsh and it never leaves my face feeling like there's product on it.

Over all it the perfect night cream to go for if you want a fresh uplifting sensitive cream then this is the one, What night cream do you reach for?

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