PartyLite Candle Review*

PartyLite is a home fragrance online store that provides good quality candles for the home as well as other flagranced items such as LED candle which look like realistic candles but burn using battery powered lights., they are animal friendly and don't use any ingredients that have been tested on animals which is always a bonus when choosing a right company. I was sent three candles to review and wanted to share with you today my honest opinion on each candle, I was sent Mulberry More, Iced Snowberries and a trio of candles called Market Fresh.

Mulberry More has a rich blend on berries, citrus and floral which blend nicely to create a very moreish scent which sweet undertones and a rich creamy scent it's one that is perfect to burn on a Autumnal night. The wick is a wooden one which means the flame is much larger then most flames but it has such a nice crackling sound that it's almost like you have the fire lit. I love the fact there was not a lot of smoke from the candle even when I blew it out which impressed me a lot, I also love the wooden glass effect of the holder and could see myself using it for future used as a display glass or even a drinking glass.

Up next is Iced Snowberries which is my favorite scent of fruity berries it's subtle and soothing which is very nice and has a lovely undertone of crisp snow which really makes a nice winter candle. The candle is very easy on the eye as it's a smooth white candle in a classic silhouette which suits any decor in the house. This classic candle is the perfect one to start of your winter scents and would easily burn throughout any house without anyone complaining, again not a lot of smoke and a really classic display glass.

Lastly I have the trio called Market Fresh which has the perfect hints and tones of a market on a crisp winter day, with heavy tones and scents this candle is perfect to burn if you like musky dark tones and don't mind the strong after effect. I love the rich scent from Berry Bramble which is a subtle berry scent that when lit fills the room which a scent that doesn't wear out, Caramel Pear is a much more subtle and sweet scented candle that fills the room which a lovely scent that you want more off, while Harvest Spice is a more richer and thicker scent that has a kick to it a much more wintery scent then the other two. The little trio candles come in a smaller glass that are perfect for displaying and yet again not a lot of smoke came of the candles when lit of when I blew them out.

So that's my honest review of the company PartyLite and I could easily order a lot more candles from them and would encourage you all to find a UK representative and place your first order, let me know in the comments below what your favorite winter scent is?

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*The products were sent to me to review, all the words are my own and I have not been swayed to produce a blog post that isn't honest.

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  1. These sound amazing, I'm a little bit of a candle addict and Mulberry more sounds right up my street
    Coleoftheball xx