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Everyone has a guilty pleasure or two in life sometimes we don't want to share them and other times we can't help but share them, today I wanted to do a blog post on what my top guilty pleasures in life are and of course I encourage you to tell me yours in the comments!

One thing I love to do in the evening is to watch a good horror film and I always share with everyone my love for a classic scare film but I do also have a love for happy uplifting films as well. One of my all times favorites is Practical Magic and I can re watch the film over and over without getting bored. I'm not one to let people know though that I love happy films as well and judging by my dvd collection you wouldn't really guess either.

I love nothing more then to cuddle up with a jumper and a glass of wine and when I do get a spare moment I normally put my comfiest jumper on and relax while sipping my favorite glass of wine. For me it's a guilty pleasure as I hardly have any time to do this so when I can it feels more special and much more of a pleasure.

My music taste is pretty much rock bands think The 69 Eyes, Fall Out Boy and Paramore but on my ipod I have a secret set of albums which include The Vamps, Britney Spears and Little Mix. I love to listen to cheesy bands that have feel good music to make me feel happy and upbeat. I don't tend to shout about it as my love for rock bands is to good to just give up so listening to my happy bands is my favorite guilty pleasure!

Crisps, crisps and more crisps! I am a massive lover of savory food and even though I love a good chocy biscuit if you put some crisps in front of me I will have the biggest smile of them all! It's a big guilty pleasure due to the fact I'm dieting and I'm no longer allow to eat my savory delights =[

So those are my top guilty pleasures, let me know what your's on down below in the comments!

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