Fashion - First Look AW15

Last week I did a post on AW15 make up and hair looks which I enjoyed writing so today I wanted to share what I've been seeing loads of in magazines regarding what will be fashionable in Autumn and Winter in the way of clothing.

Animal Print
This year animal print is back with killer leopard print to subtle snake prints, this will be a really edgy look to pull of but with the right accessories I feel like anyone can pull this look off. As long as you don't over do the animal print then you shouldn't have a problem.

Parka's are back
Parkas are going to be pretty big this year which kind of sucks as I got rid of my parka last year and opted for a military style jacket. But if you stick to the classic khaki shade of parka with a big hood then you should be right on track.

Faux Fur
I've been seeing loads of fur in quite a lot of magazines some of it being in coats making them a comfy choice when the cold weather hits but also in bags which is an odd one. I've mostly seen neutral shades which is a nice shade to pull of.

Oddly I've been seeing a lot of pale pastels shade which confused me a lot as I never imagine it to be a winter shade but it's been everywhere so it must be up and coming. I feel like this look could easily be worn by most people so it should be an easy one to pull of this year.

What trend are you most looking forward to this AW?

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