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A few months ago my watch broke at work and I never got round to replacing it, so while I was browsing the internet I saw an adorable watch that I just had to get but it cost £20 which for me on a budget was a bit to much. However whilst on Ebay I did a search to see if anyone had duped the product and to my delight they were going for £5 so I snapped one up right away.

I went for a classic black fake leather strap but you could get white and pink as well as a leopard print design but I love how to classic black strap would go with all my outfits. It's easy to do up and has a simple easy to use buckle to secure the watch, the leathers molds to my skin nicely so it doesn't feel to restricting or awkward to wear. I also like how the design is not to large so you don't have to worry about it being to chunky under your clothes.

The face of the watch is a very cute with a simply cat face which has no numbers and has really cute rose gold hands, but the thing that got me was the adorable ears that stuck out on top of the face of the watch which just makes this watch that but more special then others. The design is so simply and chic that it really is a timeless piece, rather then looking cheap and a bit of a gimmick product this watch looks professional made and look like it will last a long time.

I feel like this watch could suit all outfits and add a really nice sweet twist to an outfit while still being practical and helpful. I was worried at first as there was no numbers to tell the time but you get use to it really quickly, overall for £5 from Ebay I can't really go wrong with this classic chic watch.

Have you found any good bargains on Ebay recently?

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