Book Review - No Safe House by Linwood Barclay

I found this book in the sale section in WHSmith and was attracted to it by the tittle and the cover as it looked like a really good crime read, my favorite style of book to read is crime so I couldn't wait to give it a read at home. The author is one I haven't heard of before so I was excited to give it a read and see if I liked his style of writing and to see if the book was any good.

The first few chapters are extremely gripping and really trap you into reading the book, with such a gripping entrance the middle tones out and goes into a lot of detail as to what has happened and keeps you guessing all the way through. This style of writing really gripped me into reading the book and the characters were likable right from the start while also being realistic making it an easy book to read.

The ending was a very explosive style of writing with the story going all over the place making it hard to keep up, while learning more about the characters it would of been a great book, however with the story line just going as unrealistic as it could I can only mark this book as being good rather then great.

The main story line is hard to explain as the main story focuses around a lot of people but think family mixed in with the wrong crowd and then add some money/drugs/guns and you have your story. It does have some good life meanings though all around boys and focusing on the right people in life which adds some character to the book.

Overall for a crime book it's just up my street with a great story line and great writing style that keeps you hooked the whole way through, Have you read any good crime book recently?

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