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I can't remember the last time I did a July favorites post apart from my vlog ones which I try to mix up and add other items and not just beauty, so today I wanted to do a July favorites which just focusing on what beauty items I've been loving.

Rimmel London BB Cream Matte
I tried last week to apply foundation to my skin and my gosh was it horrid, it made me feel hot and then got all cakey before I had to remove it. That made me realise just how much I love my BB cream and the coverage I get from it, for the summer sun it's the perfect product for adding some coverage to your face but staying light and non sticky on the face. The BB cream lasts the whole day and doesn't budge while having such a good build able cover but allows me to place powder on top making the perfect summer face, it's only £6.99 and has an spf 15 so not only is it purse friendly but also good for the skin.

No Mascara Look
Over the last month my hayfever has been awful so wearing eye make up has been a little tricky so instead I've been leaving the house with no mascara and really loving the look it gives me. I love how my eyes look so natural and not done up while still having make up on my face it makes it look like I've done a special make up look but I haven't! It's also great for my confidence in not wearing make up all the time so it has to feature in my July Beauty Favorites even if it isn't a beauty related product.

Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm
I've been obsessed with this lip balm the last month and have been using it no stop as the build able coverage makes it perfect for everyday use and evening use as well. The small pot is only £3 and it's really worth the price, it's a simple Tutti Frutti scent and looks like a shocking pink lip balm but goes on really light adding a small hint of colour but when you build the product up you can easily reach the shocking pink in the pot. I just find this product works really well with me and it's been getting a lot of use this last month.

Bioderma Cleansing Wipes
I have been using these wipes when I get into a hot and sticky mess and want to cleanse my face without doing a full cleanse routine, it's normally when my make up is already off and I just want to freshen up. I love how big the wipes are and how much use you get from one wipe as well as the fresh scent from them and of course the fact there an ultra mild cleanser so it doesn't affect my skin to much. It's the perfect way to freshen up after a hard day or of course as the beach and when your out and about, it doesn't have to be a branded cleanser as my mum gave me a wipe from Aldi the other day and it worked just as well.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash
This has been a re purchase from me and I have to rave about it, if you suffer with oily and spot prone skin I have to insist you buy the product as it works so well. My skin has had the worse hormonal breakout that just won't budge but with the help of the tea tree wash it has cleared it up nicely as well as leaving me fresh faced for the summer. I use it every morning in the shower and then twice a week I do a massive face cleanse with masks and all sorts and use this product with my big cleanse, it works so well as keeping me skin fresh and spot free as well as keeping my oil under control I adore this product, it is £10 for a full sized bottle and a small sample one is £5.50.

So those have been my July Beauty Favorites, what has been your go to product last month?

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