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Burt's Bees is a brand I always hear about but never really look into purchasing there products, I always hear great things but the scent has always put me off from purchasing any products from the line. So while I was out browsing my local Boots I saw there lip balm collection and opted to buy the Replenishing Pomegranate lip balm at just £3.69.

The packaging is the simple chap stick design with a small cap and twist tube, it's one we know and love which is why the product was so appealing to me. Burt's Bees is known for it's yellow tone packaging so it's no surprise the tube is off that shade, however the lid is a nice burnt red which goes throughout the packaging onto the wording which is a nice touch.

The reason I went for this product is because it doesn't have the known honey scent which I don't like it has a much nicer pomegranate scent with small hints of honey so I don't mind that much. The product comes out in the same burnt red shade as the lid but doesn't transfer onto the lips so it's a normal lip balm clear shade and not the red that you see in the product which is a nice touch.

I find that the lip balm protects my lips just as well as some high end products and leaves them feeling soft and nourish but also hard at work to fight of the harsh weather conditions. It's defiantly a winter lip balm and I feel like it's the perfect product for a long haul flight or in windy conditions as it works so well to keep the lips protected.

So well done for Burt's Bees at changing my mind on there products as I shall defiantly be checking out the rest of the products and picking up some more scented lip balms - Just not the honey ones! Do you have a favorite lip balm?

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  1. Really want to give this a go :)