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Avon do a great range of beauty products at affordable prices so I tend to go a little over the top when buying from the brochure so I always end up with a load of products I don't need. One of those items is the hair mask called Superfruit Souffle which is a over scented product that does good things to your locks of hair.

The scent is very strong and over powerful so if you don't like strawberry's then I would not suggest you buy this product, I always smell the product for a good few days on my hair even after washes. If you can cope with the scent of the product the texture is almost like yogurt as suggested on the packaging 'Yumberry and Yogurt' which is a spot on description. The packaging is a really easy to use pot as the lid is screw on but big enough to hold and open without slipping all over the place.

I leave the product in my hair for longer then the recommended 3 minutes and leave it on for around 10 minutes instead and find it works better this way. It's easy to rinse and leaves the hair feeling squeaky clean with an uplifting fruit scent. After leaving my hair to dry naturally with no heat my hair feels really good and well looked after which I really like, it has a lovely soft texture and no knots.

So overall this over scented pot of Yumberry Yogurt is spot on for me and keeping my locks soft and well looked after, what is your go to hair product for lovely looking locks?

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