Beauty and Hair - First Look AW15

I would say it feels odd sitting in the sun writing this blog post about Autumn and Winter but I really couldn't as I'm sat inside with my fluffy socks on and my oversized jumper! Hello Summer? Has anyone seen where summer has gone to? So for today's post I wanted to share with you the two beauty and two hair trends I'm looking forward to this year.

This year looking through all the pictures from the fashion shows I have noticed one thing and that is thick and heavy over the top eyeliner. Think about that time you smudged your eye make up and now add a bit more eyeliner and hey presto you've got it! But another trend I've seen is Bambi eyes which is creating really big over the top eyes by using highlighters and eyeliner tricks, I probably won't attempt this one but I shall be getting my eyeliner on!

Nude Lips
One thing I was not excepting to see browsing the photos was nude lips, as I always picture purple and red lips as a must in winter but nope put down your matte shades and bring out the nude lipglosses and bingo you are right on trend! There was the odd picture of a red lip so I'm taking that as a sign to not put away my dark shades just yet however seeing a few black lipstick looks has kind of worried me a little, I shall sticks to nudes and red thank you!

Sleek Hair
I have been taking more and more pride in my hair the last few months and styling out new hair styles, this AW a big trend is sleek back hair in neat ponytails and buns which I can not wait to try out. I feel like this look would be a timeless piece and would suit so many of my winter outfits, as well as suiting all my pretty bows and hair ties.

Effortless Hair
You know that one girl that pulls off effortless hair and looks fab without even brushing there hair, it's time to make friends with them! As for AW15 effortless just woke up and rolled out of bed hair is in, think down in a middle parting and really loose waves and you have the look sorted. This will be great under winter hats and would look great as an everyday look before pulling your hair into a sleek evening look!

So that's a small inside into what's coming up for AW15, what trend are you looking forward to?

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