PartyLite Candle Review*

PartyLite is a home fragrance online store that provides good quality candles for the home as well as other flagranced items such as LED candle which look like realistic candles but burn using battery powered lights., they are animal friendly and don't use any ingredients that have been tested on animals which is always a bonus when choosing a right company. I was sent three candles to review and wanted to share with you today my honest opinion on each candle, I was sent Mulberry More, Iced Snowberries and a trio of candles called Market Fresh.

Lifestyle - Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a guilty pleasure or two in life sometimes we don't want to share them and other times we can't help but share them, today I wanted to do a blog post on what my top guilty pleasures in life are and of course I encourage you to tell me yours in the comments!

One thing I love to do in the evening is to watch a good horror film and I always share with everyone my love for a classic scare film but I do also have a love for happy uplifting films as well. One of my all times favorites is Practical Magic and I can re watch the film over and over without getting bored. I'm not one to let people know though that I love happy films as well and judging by my dvd collection you wouldn't really guess either.

I love nothing more then to cuddle up with a jumper and a glass of wine and when I do get a spare moment I normally put my comfiest jumper on and relax while sipping my favorite glass of wine. For me it's a guilty pleasure as I hardly have any time to do this so when I can it feels more special and much more of a pleasure.

My music taste is pretty much rock bands think The 69 Eyes, Fall Out Boy and Paramore but on my ipod I have a secret set of albums which include The Vamps, Britney Spears and Little Mix. I love to listen to cheesy bands that have feel good music to make me feel happy and upbeat. I don't tend to shout about it as my love for rock bands is to good to just give up so listening to my happy bands is my favorite guilty pleasure!

Crisps, crisps and more crisps! I am a massive lover of savory food and even though I love a good chocy biscuit if you put some crisps in front of me I will have the biggest smile of them all! It's a big guilty pleasure due to the fact I'm dieting and I'm no longer allow to eat my savory delights =[

So those are my top guilty pleasures, let me know what your's on down below in the comments!

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Beauty - Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm

Burt's Bees is a brand I always hear about but never really look into purchasing there products, I always hear great things but the scent has always put me off from purchasing any products from the line. So while I was out browsing my local Boots I saw there lip balm collection and opted to buy the Replenishing Pomegranate lip balm at just £3.69.

Skincare - Aloe Soothing Night Cream by The Body Shop

I was given a pot of the best selling Aloe Soothing Night Cream by my mum as she has super sensitive skin and it irritated her, the pot I was given is a tiny 15ml sample one but the cream inside is well worth the review. I can really tell why it's a best seller as it works so well and has such a nice effect on the skin, the sample pot is perfect for travelling and I'll be saving it to place some more of the product in when I purchase the 50ml pot at £13.

Beauty - What's In My New York Wash Bag

In just a month's time I shall be going off to New York and have already got my wash bag together, mainly due to the fact that I've been collecting beauty mini's for the last six months. I normally save the freebies in magazines or buy the odd product here and there on a 3 for 2 offer which means the first thing I have ready for a holiday is normally my wash bag, so for today's post lets explore my New York Wash Bag!

The bag itself is from Primark and was around £6 it has three compartments and folds away to a really handy size, it has two stuck in compartments and then one which you can remove. It stores a lot of items and I find I can always fit a lot more then I think I can in there, the design is a lovely bright eye catching one that reminds me of summer and the sea.

Fashion - First Look AW15

Last week I did a post on AW15 make up and hair looks which I enjoyed writing so today I wanted to share what I've been seeing loads of in magazines regarding what will be fashionable in Autumn and Winter in the way of clothing.

Book Review - No Safe House by Linwood Barclay

I found this book in the sale section in WHSmith and was attracted to it by the tittle and the cover as it looked like a really good crime read, my favorite style of book to read is crime so I couldn't wait to give it a read at home. The author is one I haven't heard of before so I was excited to give it a read and see if I liked his style of writing and to see if the book was any good.

Fashion - Cat Watch

A few months ago my watch broke at work and I never got round to replacing it, so while I was browsing the internet I saw an adorable watch that I just had to get but it cost £20 which for me on a budget was a bit to much. However whilst on Ebay I did a search to see if anyone had duped the product and to my delight they were going for £5 so I snapped one up right away.

Beauty and Hair - First Look AW15

I would say it feels odd sitting in the sun writing this blog post about Autumn and Winter but I really couldn't as I'm sat inside with my fluffy socks on and my oversized jumper! Hello Summer? Has anyone seen where summer has gone to? So for today's post I wanted to share with you the two beauty and two hair trends I'm looking forward to this year.

This year looking through all the pictures from the fashion shows I have noticed one thing and that is thick and heavy over the top eyeliner. Think about that time you smudged your eye make up and now add a bit more eyeliner and hey presto you've got it! But another trend I've seen is Bambi eyes which is creating really big over the top eyes by using highlighters and eyeliner tricks, I probably won't attempt this one but I shall be getting my eyeliner on!

Beauty - Make Up Revolution Review

For the last two months or so I've been trying out a new make up range and have just re purchased them so decided I had better do a review while the packaging is still nice and clean. The make up range in the spotlight today is Make Up Revolution which you can find in Superdrug, the range is a high street and purse friendly one so I use for my everyday make up look.

The BB cream is a foundation one so it's a lot thicker then most BB creams and has a lot more coverage while still being light and non cakey which is a bonus. I find it is so thick that you need to use your fingers to apply the BB cream but you also need to warm the foundation between your fingers before applying to the skin. It has a great build able coverage and can either been worn light as a BB cream or as a full coverage foundation, but still leaves the skin feeling like it has no product on which I like a lot. At only £3 it's the perfect BB cream to go for and as it's suitable for all skin types you can't go wrong.

Beauty - July Favorites

I can't remember the last time I did a July favorites post apart from my vlog ones which I try to mix up and add other items and not just beauty, so today I wanted to do a July favorites which just focusing on what beauty items I've been loving.

Beauty - Avon Superfruit Souffle

Avon do a great range of beauty products at affordable prices so I tend to go a little over the top when buying from the brochure so I always end up with a load of products I don't need. One of those items is the hair mask called Superfruit Souffle which is a over scented product that does good things to your locks of hair.