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Years & Years is a band I would never normally go for as it's electropop and I'm more of a rock/pop fan but there is something about this band that I can't stop loving. I preordered there new album Communion and couldn't wait for it to arrive. There a trio from all over the world Olly from the UK, Mikey from Australia and then Emre from Turkey, they become a four piece band for there live sets that includes there drummer Dylan.

The album is a matt black cd cover with an added rainbow effect Y symbol on the back the track listing is in the same faded rainbow effect which is simple yet eye catching. The inside of the album cover features some more Y's but this time much more in your face and not as subtle as the cover apart from the one glossy black almost hidden Y on the matte black background. I feel like the cover it's different from the classic cd cases that always break yet it has a lot of personality.

The songs are very moving but are upbeat enough that you don't get sucked into a sad state, if you listen to the lyrics there all about heartbreak and moving on songs which are from a boys point of view which is a nice change from the typical heartbreak songs being beaten out by girl singers. The acoustic songs are sung beautifully which adds a really nice personal touch to the album.

My favorite tracks have to be the haunting beautiful track Foundation which makes my arm hair stand to attention and Take Shelter which has a really nice upbeat track to it while still being meaningful. I really can't wait to see what Years & Years do next and look forward to seeing them in October on the UK Tour which has 14 dates so you really can't miss them!

Have you brought the new Years & Years album, which track can you not stop playing?

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