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Next year it will be my 25th birthday and even though I probably won't last until 100 for me it seems like a quarter of my life has gone, so today I wanted to do a post on what I would of told my younger self if I could go back and change the last 25 years. I've achieved so much and although I love the life I have there are quite a few things I would love to change.

Hello cute little Jess!

Stop Eating Junk When I was younger at around 11 years old I started to eat a lot of junk food and just didn't stop which has now resulted in me being overweight and struggling to lose weight. I would tell myself each day do I really need that extra bar of chocolate and would show myself pictures of what I would look like in the hope I would lead a normal and healthy life.

Travel as soon as you can I didn't start travelling until I was 19 years old but had a job at 17 so could of began to travel much sooner and put more of an effort into it. Travel is my favorite interests right now and I can't see that changing any time soon. It makes me feel free and adventurous which my younger self never was, I would always stay in one place and not explore much which haunts me to this day to know I could of seen so much more as a child if I had really tried.

We all went through the awkward teen stage!

You don't need good grades This is one thing I want to tell everyone at school, yes it's important to try and get really good grades on your GCSE's but it doesn't matter if you don't achieve it. I spent so much time worrying about my tests and GCSE's that I know have a classroom phobia and can't walk into schools, it's the main reason I have anxiety and can't do stuff I want. So I would go back to my younger self and let her know even without the best grades I have a really decent job and do things like travel which doesn't come cheap.

Don't worry about what you look like I would always fret over certain clothes and if I was cool enough to wear them, so I didn't. I would buy clothes and then make my mum take them back or cry about wearing them which wasn't healthy at all. So I would go back and style my younger self in clothes that look good on me and suit my personality, this may seem vain but I still to this day get worried about clothing and if I had that kind of guidance as a teen I wouldn't be in this situation.

Me now aged 24!

Be Happy This most important thing I would tell my younger self is to Be Happy, don't worry about little things and don't fret about grades, not to care if you hadn't had a first kiss yet or to panic that my bum looked big in that skirt. But to put on a smile and embrace everything that was thrown at me and keep smiling until it spread to others.

I hope you liked this post and would like to know what you would tell your younger self?

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