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I wanted to do a post today on the perfect way to relax and unwind so I've picked my top three ways to relax and hopefully this will help out some people who suffer with stress or just need to relax every now and then.

Read A Book or Colour In
My favorite thing to do when I need some me time is to get lost in a great crime or thriller book, I always read in bed and cuddle up in my favorite duvet with a nice cup of tea. I find getting into a book and really spending time to sit and read helps a lot to forget my stresses and focus on another persons life for just an hour or two. As well as reading I find adult colouring books to be a fab way to relax and I normally sit and colour a picture until my hand has gone numb and I have pencil sharpens everywhere.

Listen To Music
I have a set playlist I like to listen to when I'm in the need to relax and always stick my headphones in and lay down in bed to listen to it. I find by laying down in bed and listening through my headphones that it relaxes me more and I can even nap a little which is even better. On my playlist I have tracks from Years and Years, James Bay and Hoozier, which are some great artists who do peaceful and moving songs.

Have A Pamper Day
There's nothing better then having a bath at 3 in the afternoon and going about your dressing gown without a care in the world. I find I can really relax when painting my nails and popping a face mask on, I try to not think of anything other then what colour my nails should be and weather or not I should also paint my toes and this really helps me to unwind and forget about my daily troubles.

I also have some great quick tips to help you relax and get out of a stressful situations some seem extreme but you need to try them to believe me!

  • Scream into a pillow - yes really! It helps to release anger and stress.
  • Have a cold glass of water - I find this helps me find my balance in life.
  • Breath - a simple in through the nose and out through the mouth will help you relax.
  • Meditate - mediation is the perfect way to relax and doing a simple 5 minute meditation will calm the mind straight away

So there are my top tips on Ways To Relax I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any tips then leave them below in the comments!

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