Fashion - Who Wears Short Shorts!

This summer I have really been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and wearing clothes I never wear so as I was browsing the Matalan sale I came across some lovely shorts but put them straight back on the shelf, as the idea of getting my legs out really does make my tummy turn. But then I thought no go back and buy those damn shorts, so I did!

They are a lovely distressed sailor style shorts with a light blue denim look with some white stripes but they also have tears and distressed looking patches. I love the look and really love how the shorts look relaxed but have a really nice design. They sit just above my knees so they are not to short but I do wear them on my hips to get this look, as wearing them on my waist they look a little to short.

They are very casual shorts so I can't do much apart from wearing them around the home when it gets really hot or taking my brother to the park, but I feel with the right top I could get away with wearing the around town to go shopping or if I'm feeling brave to lunch with friends. But for only £8 I won't freight to much!

What is your go to summer look this year?

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