Book Review - Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter by Louise Pentland

There is currently a shelf on my bookcase that is slowly getting fuller and fuller with books from Youtubers, of course when I heard Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter was bringing out a book I dedicated a space for her on the bookshelf. At just £12.99 for a hardback copy of the handbag friendly sized book I couldn't say no and when I found it in WHSmith for £6.49 I most certainly wasn't going to leave it on the shelf now was I.

The cover for the book is full of pictures that sum up Louise and her life from arts and crafts, to glitter and of course those gorgeous glittery shoes, It's a simple get chic design with a small snippet of what you can find on the back of the cover. The one thing I adore about the design of the book it that even though it's a hardback the book fits so easily into my handbag and is the perfect size to whip out on a park bench or at work.

The book has four main chapters and then 18 sub chapters all from Beauty and Pampering, Crafts, Anti-Baking to Bullying and Comfort Zones. There is a small greeting from Louise explaining the book and what to except, she does go into some details or her life that were hard which I feel is a good thing to express how open she is going to be and how much she had achieved with coming from such a dark few moments in life to releasing a book.

The pages in the book have lovely creative designs with pictures relating to the chapter and then the writing carefully places around the pictures, meaning the book has more to it then just writing on a page which I liked a lot. The book also comes with a handy bookmark in which you can keep your place in the book but not lose the bookmark which I love in books as I am always misplacing my bookmark or loosing my page.

The book has all the things to keep you going in life I see it as a self help book to make sure you are on the right track of life, as well as having hidden treasures in the middle such as the creative crafts section where you can make your own bunting. Over all this book gives you that small hint of Louise that you want and just that bit more to make it feel like you are really getting to know her.

What are your thoughts on Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter?

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