Beauty - Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm

I was really happy to see my local Superdrug stocked with the new range from Zoella, as I loved her old line I couldn't wait to see what I liked from the new line. I picked up Kissy Missy which I shall review today and then sometime next week I shall review Scrubbing Me Softly so look out for that. At just £3 for a small 5g pot that's handbag friendly you can't go wrong with this lip balm.

The scent is much stronger then the rest of the line and has the Tutti Frutti scent to it so lots of nice fruity scents all rolled into one. The textured of the product is light so it's easy to use but it's also heavy with moisturising goodness to keep the lips soft and kissable. The packaging for the product it cute and girly with a little frill edge and simply yellow/pink design it makes it very cute and pretty.

I found I got a really nice subtle shade with one coat but once I started to build up the coverage I got a really nice dark pink tone similar to what you see in the pot. I feel like I could get away with the product day and night as the different shade tones you get when building the coverage gives you freedom to go dark or light.

Overall I was highly impressed with this product and can't wait to try out the rest of the range, have you brought Kissy Missy what are your thoughts on the product?

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