Beauty - Barry M Top Coat, Base Coat and Nail Hardener

I love all in one product's that actually work and Barry M's top coat, base coat and nail hardener is just the product I'm looking for. At just £2.99 it's hard for me to not jump about and shout about this product as I love it that much!

I have been using a base coat from the brand Orly for the last 6 months now and as I use if for every nail polish I use it has run out quite quick. So I was after a new affordable one and had a look at the Barry M range, as it's one I use all the time I know it's going to work well and I wouldn't be left with any surprises.

It goes nicely onto the nail and dries it around 5 minutes before I can apply a coat of nail varnish which glides nicely over my nails to create a clean and nice looking nail. After waiting a few moments to allow my nails to dry I apply it again to create the top coat and it goes on nicely over the nail polish leaving it looking shiny and manicured to top form.

The nail hardener bit has worked well as my nails haven't chipped and have been lasting longer in between paints so that has also impressed me a lot. My nails will now stay chip free for around an extra two days with using this product so it's really worth the purchase if you want nice looking nails that stay that way!

What's your go to nail top/base coat?

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