Lifestyle - Dream Book

Over the last few months I have been having some really odd dreams so I decided to jot them down in a notepad before analyzing them later on that day or week. I called mine a dream book but they are also known as dream bibles, you can get all sorts of books I use one by David Fontana called 1000 Dreams which has some information on what dreams are but also the meanings behind what your dreams mean.

Lifestyle - What I Would Tell My Younger Self

Next year it will be my 25th birthday and even though I probably won't last until 100 for me it seems like a quarter of my life has gone, so today I wanted to do a post on what I would of told my younger self if I could go back and change the last 25 years. I've achieved so much and although I love the life I have there are quite a few things I would love to change.

Hello cute little Jess!

Music - Years & Years Communion Review

Years & Years is a band I would never normally go for as it's electropop and I'm more of a rock/pop fan but there is something about this band that I can't stop loving. I preordered there new album Communion and couldn't wait for it to arrive. There a trio from all over the world Olly from the UK, Mikey from Australia and then Emre from Turkey, they become a four piece band for there live sets that includes there drummer Dylan.

The album is a matt black cd cover with an added rainbow effect Y symbol on the back the track listing is in the same faded rainbow effect which is simple yet eye catching. The inside of the album cover features some more Y's but this time much more in your face and not as subtle as the cover apart from the one glossy black almost hidden Y on the matte black background. I feel like the cover it's different from the classic cd cases that always break yet it has a lot of personality.

The songs are very moving but are upbeat enough that you don't get sucked into a sad state, if you listen to the lyrics there all about heartbreak and moving on songs which are from a boys point of view which is a nice change from the typical heartbreak songs being beaten out by girl singers. The acoustic songs are sung beautifully which adds a really nice personal touch to the album.

My favorite tracks have to be the haunting beautiful track Foundation which makes my arm hair stand to attention and Take Shelter which has a really nice upbeat track to it while still being meaningful. I really can't wait to see what Years & Years do next and look forward to seeing them in October on the UK Tour which has 14 dates so you really can't miss them!

Have you brought the new Years & Years album, which track can you not stop playing?

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Beauty - Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub

My second review from the Tutti Frutti range by Zoella and it's the Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub, the impressive 280g pot which is filled the the lid cost's £7 which may be a bit pricey but as I scrub my body twice a week I feel this product is going to last a while so shall be worth the money.

Beauty - Hello Mouthwash Mojito Mint

I have been after this mouthwash since I saw it in my local Superdrug but as I was still finishing a bottle from another brand I didn't pick it up, then to my horror my store decided to remove it from the shelves and stop stocking it. But on a recent trip to Reading I managed to pick up the Mojito Mint flavour as there are three to choose from, at just £5.99 for a giant 473 ml bottle it's worth the price.

Beauty - Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm

I was really happy to see my local Superdrug stocked with the new range from Zoella, as I loved her old line I couldn't wait to see what I liked from the new line. I picked up Kissy Missy which I shall review today and then sometime next week I shall review Scrubbing Me Softly so look out for that. At just £3 for a small 5g pot that's handbag friendly you can't go wrong with this lip balm.

Beauty - Barry M Top Coat, Base Coat and Nail Hardener

I love all in one product's that actually work and Barry M's top coat, base coat and nail hardener is just the product I'm looking for. At just £2.99 it's hard for me to not jump about and shout about this product as I love it that much!

Book Review - Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter by Louise Pentland

There is currently a shelf on my bookcase that is slowly getting fuller and fuller with books from Youtubers, of course when I heard Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter was bringing out a book I dedicated a space for her on the bookshelf. At just £12.99 for a hardback copy of the handbag friendly sized book I couldn't say no and when I found it in WHSmith for £6.49 I most certainly wasn't going to leave it on the shelf now was I.

Beauty - Tanya Burr Nails

A while ago I did a review on two off the nail varnishes from the Tanya Burr range, but whilst I was browsing the TKMaxx beauty section I came across a bargain or three nail varnishes for just £6 RRP £18 so a massive saving off £12 which I was pleased with. The three I got where Fireworks, Mischief Managed and New York Night which are all very different styles!

New York Night
This shade is a very moody dark purple/black which really reminds me of halloween and autumn, but it went on well with just one coat and made my nails look dark and grungy but still quite chic which I liked. This is very much a winter shade but it stayed on my nails for a great time of 5 days which impressed me a lot, as well as having the easy to use large brush.

Lifestyle - Ways To Relax

I wanted to do a post today on the perfect way to relax and unwind so I've picked my top three ways to relax and hopefully this will help out some people who suffer with stress or just need to relax every now and then.

Read A Book or Colour In
My favorite thing to do when I need some me time is to get lost in a great crime or thriller book, I always read in bed and cuddle up in my favorite duvet with a nice cup of tea. I find getting into a book and really spending time to sit and read helps a lot to forget my stresses and focus on another persons life for just an hour or two. As well as reading I find adult colouring books to be a fab way to relax and I normally sit and colour a picture until my hand has gone numb and I have pencil sharpens everywhere.

Fashion - Who Wears Short Shorts!

This summer I have really been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and wearing clothes I never wear so as I was browsing the Matalan sale I came across some lovely shorts but put them straight back on the shelf, as the idea of getting my legs out really does make my tummy turn. But then I thought no go back and buy those damn shorts, so I did!

They are a lovely distressed sailor style shorts with a light blue denim look with some white stripes but they also have tears and distressed looking patches. I love the look and really love how the shorts look relaxed but have a really nice design. They sit just above my knees so they are not to short but I do wear them on my hips to get this look, as wearing them on my waist they look a little to short.

They are very casual shorts so I can't do much apart from wearing them around the home when it gets really hot or taking my brother to the park, but I feel with the right top I could get away with wearing the around town to go shopping or if I'm feeling brave to lunch with friends. But for only £8 I won't freight to much!

What is your go to summer look this year?

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