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So in just 4 months I shall be on my way to New York and over the last few months I have been getting ready for my trip by doing little things rather then going mad all at once, so I thought I would share with you what I've been doing and also sharing some top tips on a more enjoyable holiday.

Beauty Mini's 
As I didn't want to splurge and spend a lot of money on mini's just before going away I have a spare shoe box in my room which I have filled slowly over the last few months with mini's as I've been getting them. So if I have brought a magazine and it contained a mini product I would put it straight into the box, or I would pick up a mini in an offer so if Boots had a buy 2 get 1 free my freebie would be a mini. So my little shoe box now has a great selection of products which I shall be doing a blog post on soon.

Travel Money Card
When I go away I always seem nervous when it comes to taking a lot of cash to a new place so I have decided to purchase a Cash Card which I have pre loaded dollars onto and shall be using that instead of having a lot of dollars on me. You can use the card whenever you see the mastercard symbol which is pretty much in most stores now, as well as in attractions and to pay for hotels. I also have a small amount of money on me in case I need a drink or need to tip as most Americans expect a tip which I shall take time getting use to!

New York Pass 
I always here about these cards but always seem to think there a gimmick or a waste of money but as I'm going somewhere where I know I shall be spending a lot of money I decided to work out how much the attractions shall be costing and how much I shall be saving and I was shocked at the results. In total I shall be saving around £150 by purchasing the card which really did shock me, I brought it online and had it delivered to my home address which it arrived in my first ever FedEx parcel.

Plan , Plan and Plan Some More
As New York is such a large area to cover in just a week I have been planning my days as I don't want to miss out on any places to visit. I seem to find a new place to go to when I'm browsing online and they all seem to be in different areas so I've been attempting to get everything in one day that's in the area so I don't have to re visit just to go to one Cat Cafe!

So that's my first post on New York there shall be some more but closer to the time hopefully this post has been helpful though, have you planned any trips for this summer?

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  1. Some really great tips here! I've never actually heard of a New York pass but after a quick Google it sounds like the perfect way to get a lot done in NY! I want to go sooo badly! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula