Remington Silk Curling Wand

As I've always had short hair I've never brought or owned a pair of hair curlers as I've never needed to use some but as I've been growing my hair out I thought I would treat myself to a pair. I am a complete newbie so buying a pair was a little scary as I didn't know which ones were good or had a good reputation, so I went for the first pair that caught my eye and that was the Remington CI96WI Silk Curling Wand for £15.99 (on offer with £10 off Hair Stylers) in Boots.

As a complete beginner the first attempt was a little tricky but as the wand is so easy to use I finally got the hang off it just as I got to the last few pieces of hair. I created small tight curls which once brushed out went into loose waves which looked really pretty. I was surprised at how easy the wand was to use as you simply press a button to turn it on and then set your temperature before creating some waves.

The wand has some great features included with heat setting's so you get the right temperature for your hair style as well as a setting to lock the temperature so if you accidentally press to up or take down the heat it won't. It also has a really long lead so I was able to get right to the back of my head without any struggles as well as plugging it into a socket which was quite far away.

The curls lasted in my hair all night which impressed me a lot as normally they go all loose before falling out completely leaving me with wavy hair, I did style my hair on day old hair and used hairspray to hold but I feel like the curls would of held well without doing that. Included in the pack was a glove which came in handy as I didn't want to burn the tip of my fingers on the end of the wand and there was also a heat protecting bag which you can store the wand in which is a great item to have.

Let me know in the comment what your favorite hair curling product is!

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  1. Looks great on you x