Lifestyle - Summer Is On Its Way

Summer is finally here and I've been loving it, yes I may be a little but burnt and already wishing I could wear some of my winter clothes again but bring on the ice creams and BBQs! I may have already had an ice cream and to my shock and amusement I found an ice cream van which sold me a '99p' cone for £1 which I was so surprised at as I'm sure the last time I spent around £2 on a cone and must of been in my teens!

It's also the return of cold drinks and to my surprise I've been loving the Strawberry Lemonade drink by Mcdonalds which I didn't think I was going to enjoy to much but I really enjoyed it. I've also been drinking a lot of Strabucks Ice Tea drinks and recently tried there Mango and Passionfruit one which is divine!

Sticking to the drinks theme I recently tried a cider which is called Angry Orchard from the US which is such a nice tasting and refreshing cider that I had to get a photo of me drinking it. The picture is from my third time lucky birthday drinks which I finally had after being turned down twice before hand, which was not fun!

So while I go put some after sun on my burnt arms let me know in the comments below what you are most looking forward to this summer?

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