Beauty - Tanya Burr Pretty Lady Lashes

I've been wanting to try out the Tanya Burr lashes from her beauty range for a while now but as my local Superdrug doesn't stock them I have to wait until I visit a store that does which can takes ages. But on a recent trip to Oxford I went in and found three packets left so picked up the Pretty Lady ones which are the full false lashes and not the individual ones which I would need a lot of practice to get the hand off.

The lashes are very full and create a lot of volume which I love, they are fuller on the edges and then go in to create a volumising look which works really well. On the lash line there are some smaller lashes as well as some larger ones to really create a natural look, I found trimming the lashes was simply to do and didn't take up to much time.

In the set you get some glue which is really easy to use as the applicator has a small tip to really easily apply the glue to the edge of the lashes, I waited around 30 seconds before applying them to my lash line and they stuck really well. Once I had applied a small amount of pressure the lashes stuck to my lash line and stayed in place all evening which really impressed me as I took my glue out as a back up but didn't need it.

At only £5.49 I can't fault the Tanya Burr Pretty Lady Lashes and can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the set to see if there any good, Have you tried them out before what are your thoughts?

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