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I feel like I haven't done a Lush review in ages so thought it was about time I did one for you all, this week I use my Karma bubble bar which I picked up around two months ago in the Oxford branch for £3.25. I was attracted to the product due to the fact I thought it was a mini version of Brightside my favorite bar but once I had read the description I realised it was in fact a new product.

It has a nice mixture of scents making it rather hard to pinpoint a scent as it has hints of orange and a small splash of lavender it's a great bar to relax with. It also has the added goodness of Elemi oil to keep it fresh but it's also great for the skin as mine felt really soft and nourish once I was out the bath.

The water went a lovely orange shade and the bar created a lot more bubbles then I imagine, more then I managed to catch on camera as they started to develop once I was in the water relaxing. It was a nice mess free bar to use and didn't leave the bath looking to messy but also left my bathroom smelling of the karma scent which I loved.

What has been your favorite product that Lush has released this year?

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  1. This sounds heavenly! Definitely going to pick this up next time I go to LUSH. Raspberrykiss xo