Beauty - Fruit Face Mask by Wilkinson

I'm a massive lover of face masks so when I went into my local Wilkinson's and saw they did little pods of face mask's I was overjoyed. I picked up the one that caught my eye which was Orange and Pomelo which comes in a small 20g pot with some simple instructions on the bottom, at only 95p it's a complete bargain!

The scent is so strong and fruity that I sat for around 5 minutes just smelling it before placing on my skin, it went on cool and soothing before setting on the skin to work it's magic. As it's just a fun mask it didn't really do much for my skin other then cool it down and re hydrate it which I liked, however as I have sensitive skin it did irritate my just a small amount so instead of leaving it on for 15 minutes I took it off at 10 minutes.

I only used a small amount of the product so feel like I would get a good few uses out of the mask before it ran out, as it has a handy sticky lid when peeling off it just sticks back down to reseal which was handy. This is the perfect mask I feel for teens and people who want a fun and care free mask to enjoy.

What's your go to mask at the moment?

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