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I'm always on the hunt for new nail polishes and was excited to see some in my Avon brochure which were reduced to £2.99, so I picked up one in a lovely orange shade and couldn't wait to give it a whirl. It's a very summery orange/red shade which gives the perfect pop of colour to brighten anyone's day, however I'm not to sure on how gel like the finish is as to me it just looks like any normal nail polish.

It has a long lasting hold on the nails for up to 7 days which impressed me a lot as working in retail I chip my nails all the time but this nail polish seemed to really stand up against all the bumps I had at work. However the shade didn't really wowl me as I have seen other people wear gel nail varnish and have always been amazed at how there nails look and with this product I just didn't get that look I was after.

I feel like this is the perfect shade to brighten up an outfit for when I'm wearing something to dull or just need a pick me up. I've also worn it on my toes and it looks really great with summer sandals.

But for the price I paid I would happily re wear the nail varnish and for the long lasting effect on the nails I can't really complain about it to much. Have you tried out any gel finish nail polishes and have any that match my expectations?

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  1. Lovely colour