Apollo Hotel and Spa at Basingstoke

As a joint birthday gift me and my sister spent the day at a local spa and although I may have only took one photo I decided to do a blog post on the day anyway. As it was my first ever spa day I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at how the day came together and how much fun I had.

When we got there we was given a towel, robe and slippers and to my happiness the robe actually fitted which I was worried about. Then we headed to the pool area as we had a good few hours before we needed to be at our treatments, the pool was a small and relaxing which had floats and a large window to heat it, as well as a jacuzzi at the side which me and my sister liked a lot. Just to the side of the pool was a sauna and steam room which we only went into for a while as we both don't enjoy the heat that much but it was a nice added bonus to be able to use them.

We then left the pool area and dried off before heading to the main reception to meet out therapists and to begin our treatments, although we had already booked in the lady was quite rude and demanding my booking confirmation which felt a little unnecessary but she did apologies after. But we headed upstairs to begin our treatments, we headed off into different rooms and both had a back massage which we really enjoyed as the lady asked if the pressure was ok and dimmed all the lights to make me relax it was a really nice experience.

After the massage I went for my first ever manicure which seemed odd as I love to do my own nails but I did learn some tricks watching and asking her while she painted and filed my nails, I went for a summery bright orange and was treated to an O.P.I polish although I didn't catch the name it's a lovely shade. The manicure is still going strong and it's been four days since the spa visit so I am really impressed.

The hotel and spa is in Basingstoke and from the town centre a taxi will cost £5 or £6.50 if you go by a black cab. The settings were lovely as it was by itself and over looked some great views while the hotel looked really clean and well put together, the spa was clean and had some great facilities so I was really impressed with my first ever Spa day and can't wait to go to another one! In total it was £50 for two treatments and full use of the pool area.

What are your thoughts on spa days are they worth the money?
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